William Chris Wines

Chris Brundrett, winegrower at William Chris Wines, found his love for wine in an old Italian place he was managing in college. He found his calling at a winery in the Hill Country, and right then and there, Brundrett knew he wanted to grow wine for the rest of his life.

One can say Texas is in Brundrett’s blood. His family has been in Texas since before it was part of the union and even helped found Rockport, Texas. Brundrett grew up cooking with his mother and loved helping her in the kitchen. His passion led him to working in restaurants, where he discovered the world of Texas wines.


In 2008, Brundrett helped one of his best friends, Bill Blackmon, make a few hundred cases of his first vintage. In 2009, Brundrett and Blackmon decided to make William Chris Wines a reality. In their first year, they made approximately 1100 cases of wine.


William Chris wine is grown all over Texas, boasting wines that have always been and will remain 100% Texas grown. Brundrett finds the diversity of flavors Texas grapes have to offer to be incredible. William Chris is known for coaxing out the terroir, and letting the vintage dictate the style of wine and the direction. Brundrett believes that creates very interesting wines that are different from year to year. They try to grow wines with a sense of place, as soulful wines are their passion.


Ninety-nine percent of William Chris wines are sold direct to consumer out of their property in Hye, Texas. A few cases go out to about 30 restaurants across the state, including Jack Allen’s Kitchen, as well as about three wine shops.


Brundrett met Jack Gilmore at a food and wine event where Jack asked, “Who made this Blanc du Bois?!” Brundett and Gilmore chatted over a few glasses of wine, and Jack asked if Jack Allen’s Kitchen could put William Chris Wines on the menu. The rest is history.

William Chris Vineyards

William Chris Vineyards is a Hill Country winery focused on growing wines that express a unique Texas Terroir.  Bill Blackmon and Chris Brundrett opened the Hye, Texas winery in 2009, and manage vineyards in the Texas Hill Country, the High Plains, and other areas across the state.  www.WilliamChrisWines.com

William Chris Wines at JAK

William Chris Vineyards, Mourvedre, a soft purple plum color shows a medium body as the scents from the glass give dusty raspberry & blackberry fruits with wisps of smoky sage and violets.

William Chris Vineyards, Cinsault Rose, creamy ripe berry preserves and a wisp of effervescence that keeps bright peaks on the tongue.