Thirsty Planet

Owner/founder of Thirsty Planet, Brian Smittle, opened a brewpub and four successful restaurants in Norman, Okla., before starting his very own venture. In 2008, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he began pouring the concrete slab for Thirsty Planet, which opened in 2010.

Smittle grew up in Jefferson City, Miss., and moved to Kansas City, Miss., where he received his degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri. He home brewed frequently during college and traveled to England where he studied English Ales while studying British Politics. After returning to the U.S., he moved to Vail, Colo., to ski while landing a brewer position at the now shuttered Hubcap Brewery.


At Thirsty Planet, Smittle has always been committed to giving back to his local community and taking care of the people and businesses who have embraced them as a part of Austin. They donate all gratuities from their tasting room to their “Charity of the Month,” donate proceeds from their seasonal beers to charities and are committed to only sponsoring events with a charitable backbone. 


Smittle did the first ever Thirsty Planet tasting with Jack Gilmore out of the back of a white van, where he had a few kegs tapped and enough room for a few men. He got a few weird looks when he invited them into the back of his van, but heck, they ended up liking the liquid! And the rest is history. 

Thirsty Planet is is devoted to brewing with a purpose and are committed to quenching the thirst of this planet through each sip of beer and through the charitable organizations we support. The brewery is located at 11160 Circle Drive, Austin, TX 78736. Their brews can be found in Central Texas in Travis, Hays and Williamson Counties. For more information, visit

Owner/founder of Thirsty Planet, Brian Smittle's, favorite brew is the Thirsty Goat of course. "It's an attention hog here in Austin!" says Smittle.