Round Rock Honey

Born and raised in Carrollton, TX, a town just northwest of Dallas, owner/operator (along with his wife Elizabeth) of Round Rock Honey Konrad Bouffard was gifted with an inquisitive mind and an interest in the gardening and culinary arts. In his youth, he was encouraged by his mother to approach to culinary ventures with enthusiasm and bravado.

He took this advice to heart in 1993 when he chose to enroll in a culinary training program taught by The Cordon Bleu in Indiana. While in training, he serendipitously found himself building relationships with a number of chefs who moonlighted as beekeepers. These chefs, along with a handful of “Old-Time Beekeepers,” as he calls them, planted a fascination within Konrad that he cultivated by learning all he could on the topic through various books and research. From there, he learned by doing and by seeking advice from his mentors in the business who shared his passion for chemical-free beekeeping. While building up Round Rock Honey, he also taught high school for 10 years.


Konrad not only produces Round Rock Honey, but also seeks to educate curious minds with his beekeeping classes, a hands-on experience that includes full-on interaction with the bees. Round Rock Honey’s success can be attributed to Konrad’s dedication to his craft. He credits no single mentor but rather a number of high-quality teachers at every step of his education. One thing is certain – he certainly puts forth effort worthy of the resulting product. “I’m very passionate about Round Rock Honey,” Konrad says. “I want everyone to like it and to eat it daily, so I do everything I can prior to selling it to make sure that happens.”


Jack and Konrad have been friends and worked together for years; which is no surprise that Round Rock Honey is often used at Jack Allen’s Kitchen (and Round Rock Honey is just down the street from the JAK Round Rock location). The Round Rock Bee Keeper drink is not only inspired by Round Rock Honey, but actually uses the sweet, drizzling substance. Made with Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Round Rock Honey fig-syrup, and baked apple bitters, the Round Rock Bee Keeper is a favorite among patrons looking to refresh their tastebuds. A few other ways Konrad suggests to enjoy the honey is mixing into smoothies and topping off yogurts, or even on its own, for pure enjoyment or medicinal purposes. When dining at JAK's, Konrad always orders the Steak Salad, one of their Featured Salads made with seared Ribeye, arugula, romaine lettuce and radishes tossed with a caper mustard dressing and fried onion rings. And always orders dessert, a must-do tradition for Konrad.

Round Rock Honey

Located at 1308 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock, TX 78681, Round Rock Honey produces authentic wildflower honey and pollen for those looking to enjoy something pure and sweet. Owned and operated by Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard, the fresh, raw honey is sourced exclusively in Texas, with hives in Houston, Dallas, Waco and across Central Texas. Round Rock Honey also produces and sells lip balm, beehives, and honey and pollen from their economical line of honey, Goodbee’s. Beekeeping classes are taught in Texas, California and Wisconsin, taking guests through a lecture and a hands-on experience to get to know the bees and the honey-making process. For further information, please visit “Like” them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @RoundRockHoney.

Round Rock Bee Keeper
Courtesy of David Toby, Beverage Manager of Jack Allen's Kitchen

- 1½ oz Rebecca Creek Whiskey (Texas Hill Country)
-  ¼ oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
- 1 oz RR Honey-Fig syrup
- 2 dashes of baked apple bitters

Combine all ingredients, shake and strain over ice. Garnish with a Fig slice (Bourne, TX).