Pepe Z Tequila

Jose "Pepe" Zevada, founder of Pepe Z Tequila, moved from Mexico City to Austin nearly 15 years ago with his wife and children. After being in the liquor distribution business for almost 38 years, Pepe had plans to retire young.

Premium spirits have been in Pepe's blood for quite some time. He has worked with notable liquors known around the world, and is responsible for bringing Jack Daniels international, the development of Kahlua and introducing Espolon tequila into the United States, the #1 tequila market in the world.


Three months after retiring from the spirits industry, boredom set in. To fulfill his time, in 2001 Pepe helped launch a cologne started by a dear friend in Miami. During this time, he was approached by a distiller and friend to start his own tequila brand. "I've never made tequila in my life," was Pepe's response, but that did not stop him from creating an award winning spirit. In 2008, Pepe Z Tequila was born.


Pepe takes pride in every bottle he produces. He truly believes if you are to put your name on a brand, it better be the best. Z Tequila is carefully harvested with mature agave plants (7-9 years old) in the lowlands of Mexico. The entire process is watched by their master distiller to ensure that corners are never cut. In 2012, Z Tequila Añejo and Reposado received gold and silver awards at the San Francisco World Spirits competition. The Blanco received a double gold medal, the highest award given at the competition living up to Pepe's word of being the best. Because of Pepe and Z Tequila’s sophisticated taste, it was one of the first tequilas at Jack Allen’s Kitchen to create their craft cocktails.


Pepe met Jack Gilmore when they were at Z'Tejas. Jack and Tom not only became a huge supporter of the brand, but a dear friend to Pepe.


"I owe Jack and Tom a lot. They gave me their confidence and friendship, and Z Tequila is what they always drink! We owe the brand to people like Jack and Tom who always supported the brand," says Pepe.

Z Tequila

In 2008 in Austin, Texas, Pepe Zevada founded Pepe Z Tequila because his friends from 30 years in the spirits industry asked him to create a tequila that they can sip together. The result is 100 percent pure agave premium tequila from the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico using only patiently matured agave and crafted through traditional techniques by true distillery artisans. Tradition meets cutting edge technology in the filtration and aging processes for an uncompromised smooth and elegant taste in each of the Z products: Z Blanco, Z Reposado, and Z Añejo. Today, Z Tequila can be found all over Texas and is continuing to grow a faithful following. For more information about Z Tequila please visit or @PepeZTequila #Z

Mazatlan (Pepe’s Manhattan)
Courtesy of Z Tequila

1 1/2 oz. Z Tequila Añejo
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
1 dash of Angostura bitters


Stir with cracked ice, strain, and serve with a cherry.