Pasta & Co.

Established in 1983, Pasta & Co. is owned and operated since 2000 by long-time employees Sheryl Simpson and Teresa Swann. Sheryl grew up in Schulenburg, Texas, and has worked in the food service industry in Central Texas for

over 30 years. 

Sheryl Simpson’s passion for Pasta & Co. stemmed from years of experience in the culinary realm, including waiting tables at Oakridge Smokehouse Restaurant in Schulenburg, Texas, and working multiple positions at Austin’s Lone Star Cafe chain in the 1980s. Simpson was also employed at several venues owned by Charles Mayes, previous chef at Mother’s and now chef/owner of Café Josie. From her experience, Simpson later became intrigued with the idea of pasta and the creativity that it can portray through many dishes.


Simpson believes that the combination of traditional and authentic approaches to pasta making, along with the innovative side that it offers, makes Pasta & Co. unique. The man behind the premiere pasta making is Ron Smith. Smith combines expert technique to produce classic Italian delights as well as flavored pasta and ravioli selections that reflect a diverse and ever-expanding range of culinary influences.


Simpson first met Jack when he was at Z’Tejas. She worked at Treaty Oak Café, where they had mutual acquaintances. Her favorite dish that Jack has created with her pasta is the Gorgonzola Ravioli. She says it’s hands down, “a winner.”

Pasta & Co.

Located at 3502 Kerbey Lane in Austin, TX, Pasta & Co. serves Austin’s fresh pasta needs. They purchase their ingredients locally so that they can provide you with the freshest products available made from the freshest ingredients available. For further information, please visit and “like” them on Facebook here.

Jack Allen's Kitchen

Try our Spinach Gorgonzola Ravioli at Jack Allen's Kitchen to taste the fresh product of Pasta & Co.!