Oak Hill Farms

Born and raised on the family farm in Poteet, TX, a city just south of San Antonio, Cora Lamar’s life has always been surrounded by horticulture. Now in its fiftieth year, Oak Hill Farms is raised and ranched solemnly by the Lamar family, where they grow and provide the best quality produce to its local customers.

The 150-acre cultivated land is owned and operated by Cora, her husband, Bob, their son, Kit, and daughter, Jessica. Each member of the family is considered to be a hard worker and contributor to the farm.


Fortunately for Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Oak Hill Farms specializes in a variety of produce often used in the flavorful dishes featured on the menu. Cora’s favorite season to harvest happens to be during the cooler months, where she likes to grow broccoli and spinach. For the remaining seasons, the farm grows many other cooler crops from October until March. Not only does the Lamar family sell their produce at local farmers’ markets, but Cora loves to use the vegetables when cooking at home, including a tasty platter of wilted spinach with olive oil, garlic, capers and parmesan cheese.


Cora enjoys selling at farmers’ markets because they’re always overflowing with great people and fresh produce. Through a mutual connection with John Lash, owner of Farm to Table, the Lamars were introduced to Jack Gilmore. Jack went to visit Cora at the family farm to learn more about the produce being grown. Upon meeting, the Lamar family and Jack have built a close relationship, in which they work together to provide locally grown produce to the Austin community. The Lamar family thoroughly enjoys the delicious dishes at Jack Allen’s Kitchen, especially when spinach is involved.

Oak Hill Farms

Family owned and operated, the Oak Hill Family Farm is dedicated to providing Austin with locally grown and quality fresh produce. They sell their products at the Pearl Farmers Market on Saturdays, 9AM – 1PM, located at 303 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78215. For further information, please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oak-Hill-Farms or call 210.722.7123. 

Fried Spinach Recipe (Part of the Navajo Chicken Tacos)
Courtesy of Jack Allen's Kitchen

Spinach dust:


1 cup Parmesan, fine grind

1 cup Cornmeal, fine grind

2 tsp White pepper


1. Mix together and set aside 


Fried Spinach: 


1 lb Thick crinkle spinach, cleaned, with zero moisture


For Frying (must do outside or in garage - no kids, no pets around):

1. In a 12 inch deep pot, add 2 inches of vegetable oil and heat to 350 degrees

2. WARNING: the spinach will make the oil pop

3. Begin frying 4 oz at a time, being careful, using a skimmer to move the spinach around for 20-30 seconds

4. After 20-30 seconds it should be crispy, remove with skimmer and place on paper towel on a plate

5. Add spinach to a mixing bowl and coat with 1/4 of spinach dust

6. Toss gently and set aside

7. Repeat until spinach and dust is gone