Dos Lunas

Joaquin Avellan is the creator of Dos Lunas Cheese, located in Austin, Texas. Avellan grew up in Venezuela where “cheese is a way of life,” but he chose a different path, moving to the US, where he worked in the film industry, spending 25 years working on films. 

Avellan moved back to Venezuela to help his father with his dairy business where he spent two months making cheese. When he returned to the US to continue working in the film industry, he quickly realized he missed being in the dairy business and making cheese. As a result, Avellan went in search of the perfect dairy cows. He found cows in central Texas that are grass-fed and produce the right milk for his raw, unpasteurized cheese. At first, Avellan was only producing cheese for himself, his family and his friends, but they encouraged him to start selling it. That encouragement drove Avellan to the Austin farmers markets, where he started out small, only selling at one farmers market. Today, he is selling his cheese at several farmers markets, stores and restaurants in Austin.


Avellan feels that farmers markets are very important to the community. He uses his stands at farmers markets to educate consumers on the importance of eating local and the nutritional benefits to eating raw, unpasteurized cheese. Avellan himself is lactose intolerant, but finds that when he eats raw unpasteurized dairy, he feels fine – which is why he loves the idea of producing cheese locally. Since unpasteurized dairy is not a very familiar concept to some, a few of Avellan’s customers are hesitant to try his raw, unpasteurized cheese. However, Avellan says the only complaints he ever gets are that people did not buy enough.


It was at a farmers market where Joaquin first met Jack Gilmore. Gilmore was, as usual, trying new local products and the two got to talking. Avellan went to Gilmore with several samples and Gilmore ended up picking his father’s cheese for the Queso Fundido recipe for Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Working with Jack Allen’s Kitchen has inspired Avellan. He feels that Gilmore challenges him to be better everyday and Avellan is amazed by the passion at Jack Allen’s Kitchen. 

Dos Lunas

About Dos Lunas: Dos Lunas provides raw, unpasteurized cheese in Central Texas. Dos Lunas sells products in Austin, Saturdays 9am-1pm, at SFC Downtown located in Republic Square, as well as Cedar Park Farmers Market in the Lakeline Mall parking lot, and Sundays 10am-2pm, at Mueller Farmers Market on Airport Blvd. Dos Lunas products can also be found in San Antonio on Saturdays 9am-1pm, at Pearl Farmers Market in front of the historic Brewhouse and Sundays 9am-1pm, at Quarry Farmers Market in the Quarry Mall parking lot. For more information on Dos Lunas please visit

Queso Fundido
Courtesy of Jack Allen's Kitchen

5/8 cups shredded Dos Lunas classico cheese

1/3 cups Richardson Farms crispy pork belly chips

3 Tablespoons Roasted and diced poblano peppers

Sautée pork belly in peppers then add cheese to melt.

Finish off with a 1/4 cup of guacamole.

Serve in warm hot bowl with Grilled Paqui tortillas.