Amador Farms

Owners of Amador Farm, Susan and Rusty Staub met while living in the San Francisco Bay area. After living in the west coast for nearly 20 years, they decided on a change of scenery. Upon arriving to Texas, the two started their farm straight from their backyard and now provide some of the best quality local grown products for themselves and to others. 

The Staubs’ empty 5-acre backyard was eventually transformed into Amador Farms where they began producing lettuce and tomatoes. “We knew that there had to be something we could do with 5 acres in the backyard to start our own business,” says Susan. But due to poor soil conditions and limited working space, the Staubs started to grow hydroponically to allow them to conserve more water for the crops in the greenhouses. After their first gig at the local farmers’ market, all the lettuce produce was sold, while all the tomato produce remained. Taking this into consideration, the Staubs decided to no longer grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, but to build several more greenhouses to continue to grow and produce lettuce.


As active participants in local farmers’ markets, Susan and Rusty started out in the old Westlake Market, moved to Sunset Valley, and have recently called Cedar Park Farmers Market their home. The Staubs enjoy offering the community the best possible produce at a reasonable price, while educating the public on the value of hydroponics and its methods.


Aside from retail business, the Staubs also developed a wholesale/commercial side to their business. The markets gave them an opportunity to meet numerous chefs, including Jack Gilmore. 

Amador Farms

Owned and operated by Susan and Rusty Staub, Amador Farms is dedicated to providing Austin with locally grown produce. As members of the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (TOFGA) and the Sustainable Food Center in Austin, Texas, they sell their products at: SFC Farmers Market Downtown on Saturdays, 9AM - 1PM, at 422 W. Guadalupe in Republic Square Park; SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley on Saturdays, 9AM - 1PM, at 3200 Jones Rd at the Toney Burger Center; and SFC Farmers Market at The Triangle on Wednesdays, 3PM - 7PM, at 4600 N. Lamar Blvd. 

Steak Salad
Courtesy of Jack Allen's Kitchen

Serves 4 salads


1.5 lbs steak, marinated

1. Place meat in hot cast iron skillet and separate using tongs.

2. Sear on high heat approx 2 min on each side until cooked. Meat should have a good crispy edge and be cooked medium.

3. Remove meat and let rest for 5 min, then top off with salad.



1 head Amador Farms Romaine lettuce

¼ lb arugula

5 radishes, sliced

¾ cup caper mustard dressing


1. Using tongs and large stainless steel bowl, add ingredients and mix well from edges to middle tossing salad well.

2. Top with onion rings.


Caper Mustard Dressing

Makes ¾ cups


1 T garlic, chopped

2 T Dijon

½ c rice wine vinegar

2 T soy sauce

1 t sesame oil

¼ c balsamic vinegar

2 T honey

2 c olive oil

½ c capers


1. Mix all ingredients slowly with hand held mixer.

2. Slowly add oil while using mixer until very smooth.

3. Using strainer, rinse capers very well under water.

4. Using spoon, mix capers to mixture above.

5. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.