Local in source, Texan in Spirit not only in the kitchen, but in the community, is what Jack Allen’s Kitchen is all about. Executive chef and owner Jack Gilmore, along with partner Tom Kamm set out to provide Central Texas with fresh, locally sourced food that puts smiles on faces while simultaneously giving back to those who need it most.
At Jack Allen’s Kitchen, you will find refined Southern-inspired flavors, crossed with the spice of southwestern cuisine that come together to create plates that will invigorate any palate and comfort the soul. The bounty yielded from each season and the dedication of every farmer and purveyor Jack comes in contact with, serves as his daily inspiration and reveals the rich history and evolution of Texan cuisine. Nightly specials are an addendum to the already fresh and vibrant menu, which is comprised primarily from products sourced within the state of Texas. Every meal begins with a plate of Jack’s signature pimiento cheese and flatbread crackers, a “welcome to JAK’s” hospitable gesture that is never overlooked. A dynamic lineup of wine, beer and seasonally driven cocktails are also available to quench patrons’ thirst and accentuate every meal.
Patrons can now enjoy Jack Allen’s Kitchen at three locations: at the ‘Y’ in Austin’s Oak Hill neighborhood; Round Rock, right off Interstate 35; and now, at 360 and Westlake Drive. All three locations are modeled for comfort and fun, as patrons are always encouraged to pull up a chair, stay a while and enjoy a savory refuge from everyday life. Rich wood and warm hues, local art work and twinkling lights set a welcoming tone for the restaurant. The crew at Jack Allen’s Kitchen’s is chosen for their culinary knowledge, hospitable nature and of course their sense of humor. They are there to ensure your experience at JAK’s is a memorable one.
Cultivating a healthy community through charity and comforting them with food that puts a smile on their faces is Jack’s mantra, and now part of the culture at Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Jack and his team couldn’t do what they do without the incredible food that Texas farmers put out each season, or the amazing community they serve. This is why whenever there is an opportunity to give back, big or small, Jack and his team are there to help those in need and pay homage to the folks that make Texas so damn tasty.

Owner/Chef: Jack Gilmore

Owner/Managing Partner: Tom Kamm

Executive Chef Oak Hill: Rogelio Lujano

General Manager Oak Hill: Shannon Kelly Sheffield

Executive Chef Round Rock: Cesar Palacios

General Manager Round Rock: James Rusk

Executive Chef 360: Javier Arce

General Manager 360: Curry Dodson